Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our First "President Obama" Sighting from the Field

We've seen plenty of inaugural items on television, but this is the first post-inauguration president item I've seen in person in the Bay Area. It was spotted on the back of a green sedan in the Richmond district in the parking lot of Delano's grocery store, 27th & Geary.

It's a nice if odd image---MLK with fingers locked, sort of leaning on Obama's shoulder like a pensive spouse, gazing out the window at the robins in the backyard. Obama, looking as though he just heard the tea kettle whistle. The composition of the sticker makes you wonder about the intention behind the positionality of the two men. Is MLK "leaning on" Obama? Is he a kind of guardian angel on his shoulder? Are they two faces on the African American Mount Rushmore?

As Obama's presidency moves from its infancy into adulthood, it will be fascinating to see how the images of him in popular culture mature as well. What other icons will he be paired with? And, will MLK get jealous?

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