Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chicago photos

Recently I was in Chicago and thought it was an appropriate time to take some photographs in Barack Obama's home town. Not unexpectedly, the level of Obamawear was very high, but there were also some interesting contexts and juxtaposition.

Sorry about the blurriness here--I was working with a disposable camera. This is a magnet of a bag of grocieries, saying "Put Food Back on the The Table: Vote Obama 2008," a clear nod to the economic crisis.
As you can probably tell, this was taken on Michigan Avenue. We see Chicago-nalia,  shirts, mixed with an Obama shirt. 
This is from the Tribune building, current owners of the Cubs. We can see balance between McCain and Obama here, mixed with the Cubs.

There is supposed balance here, but we can see three Obama shirts compared to one McCain.
A Hebrew sign with a more typical sign.

Here is an Obama shirt within a Chicago context--a Bears shirt and an Al Capone one.
In this particular Walgreens in Hyde Park, a variety of merchandise was on sale.
I'm sure this shirt exists somewhere else outside Chicago, but it adds to the diversity of Obama wear available.

A number of books, including the widely panned Jerome Corsi book, were available at the airport bookstore... was another Obama shirt next to a Cubs division championship shirt. Obama had better luck in his playoff than the Cubs...


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