Monday, September 1, 2008

The Second American Revolution

We like this short YouTube video, in part because it works as a foil to a longer, more widely circulated piece by the right wing. Also advocating a second revolution, it features an actor portraying Thomas Paine, who argues why one language, one culture, no diversity, and no minority rights evince the kind of common sense approach Paine made famous. Of course, Paine was anti-uniformity, anti-slavery, and anti-capital punishment. Almost no one was more pro-Democracy.

What I like about this piece is its play on bullets vs. ballots. It aligns Obama's ability to galvanize a people with the staggering resolve it must have taken to convince early Americans to revolt against the tyrannical British rule. However, this new revolution arises out of the energy and will of the masses and the participation in Democracy's most cherished (if most recently underminded) right--the vote.

Plus, Obama looks good in the powered wig.

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