Friday, September 5, 2008

The Obama Dolls (?)

Look, I don't even know what to make of the Obama doll to the right here. Sure, he's decked out in a cool black suit (two button, classy), and he looks ready either to karate chop John McCain or catch a bounce pass, but, I don't know . . .

There is no doubt the doll is intended to be a compliment (there are also Hillary and McCain dolls, but the Obama one looks the best). Neither caricature or a stereotype, the doll tries very hard to be cool. If you squeeze a little button on the doll's left wrist, he dances and sings. He's got a pretty good voice, but, for me, there is a little too much . . .well . . .Bojangles to it.

That said, the Obama Action Figure on the left is just a little too stiff. Where the dancing, singing Obama at least looks alive, this guy seems comatose. And, what's with that expression? Cranky? Quizzical? Stoned? I can't tell. The biggest irony of all, however, is that it's called an action figure. I'd love to see the inaction figure . . .

Will kids play with these dolls? Are kids even the audience? It's hard to tell. I suspect both are marketed to college students, replete with irony, or die hard Obama fans out to collect all things Barack.

For those of you who have suggested a SemiObama logo, I don't think either the action or the rock doll will fit the bill, but we'll still take suggestions. In the meantime, rock (or act) on!

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