Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Obama as Antichrist?

As part of our new ObamaLinks series, we thought we'd direct you to one of the most bizarre Obama sites out there: The Barack Obama as Antichrist blog.

At first, I thought it was high irony, but, I quickly discovered it was not. It seems to be an actual textual and visual argument for Obama as the Antichrist. To be sure, this is a tough row to hoe, but the anonymous creator of this blog does his darndest.

Highlights of this blog include the unbelievable images that run vertically along the right side of the page. They alone are worth the trip to the URL because they actually help make the argument of SemiObama--the semiotics of Obama are so powerful, they have infiltrated every aspect of contemporary American culture.


1 comment:

Queen V said...

I like the link you made because some of those images I had not seen. Of course, scripture does not support that he is the anti-Christ, but I did like the penny with his image on it.